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I am a painter, photographer and blogger with a focus on both human and environmental subjects. In my work I hope to illustrate the juxtaposition man and nature while paralleling the strengths and vulnerabilities of each.

Three current projects touch upon environmental issues are:

Washed in on the Salt and Out is a Place- are projects whose catalyst was a hurricane that struck the east coast of the United States. In the aftermath of the storm, while walking on the beach near my home, I discovered an array of personal possessions washed in on the salt. Photographing, painting, and reconstructing this strange assembly of lost and found items became a personal way of coming to terms with my own vulnerability to unexpected, catastrophic events, with a natural progression on how others deal with, and protect themselves from loss.

At the Gnaw – focuses on the process of encroachment, that slow creeping of takeover which happens on either side of life when no one is looking. It can be seen in the slow and steady gnaw – of humans, chewing our way through natural resources and wilderness, or the complete opposite, how land once abandoned is slowly reclaims by the earth, leaving behind only the nostalgic whispers of once was.

Each project consists of work in photography, mixed media/reclaimed objects/painting shared via blogs.

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