Patti Trimble

  • Eden Catalogued (150+Endangered California plant species), oil on linen, 54x72" (with botanical key)
  • Leaving Eden, (150+Endangered California Species); oil on photocollage on canvas; 36x48"
  • Endangered Cushenbury Buckwheat, oil on linen, 38x38"
  • Endangered Buckwheat Blossom Two, oil on linen, 22x22"
  • Endangered Fountain Thistle, oil on linen, 38 x 42"
  • Endangered Fountain Thistle Two, oil on linen, 22x22"
  • Endangered Desert Primrose, oil on linen, 22 x 22"
  • Endangered Clover Three
  • Polar Bear Confessional, Installation View, "A Season of Water" curated by Claudia Chapline, 2011: plywood, velvet, plush polar bear head, cane from old chair, antique French convent kneeler, and printed definition.
  • Polar Bear Confessional detail views: clockwise from upper left: intallation view of "confessor"; photo of lifesize plush polar bear head before installation; viewer confessing sins (you must look closely to recognize polar bear); definition, installation view, on wall.

1988 MFA, Hunter Graduate Program, CUNY; 1978-1988 assistant to original generation of Abstract Expressionists, NYC; 1982-85, represented by Kathryn Markel; 1988, nominated for painting award from Am. Institue of Arts and Letter, NYC; 1985-present: science writer and advocate for environmental causes—performance poet at hundreds of venues, co-founder of Tuolumne Poetry Festival in Yosemite National Park. I teach writing and art part-time in Sicily, and since 2008, work as research writer for San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.

VISUAL ART: Among other things, I am engaged in a long term project of pilgrimage/documentation/response—in painting and poetry—
of/to endangered California plants.

I began with catalogues of species, and close-ups of blossoms: to make visual what is lost.

I am also fascinated with migrating and dissolving images, and make paintings from plant photos reduced to minimal pixels—to speak of change and dissolution: to evoke memory and show visually the ungraspable nature of what disappears.

Also on this page are images of my polar bear confessional, installed in the exhibition “A Season of Water” curated by Claudia Chapline, 2011. Inside the confessional, as priest and confessor: a startling, lifesized polar bear (plush) head. On the wall: A printed definition of confession. The padded kneeler (a French antique) invites the willing to privately confess their environmental culpability. Audience response was strong! I have this confessional and am looking for venues to install it.

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