Laura Phelps Rogers

  • View from within the installation: A SPACE IN TIME at the James Richey Gallery in the Lakewood civic Center, Lakewood CO 2013
  • Title: Containing Nature, Medium: Cast Bronze, digital photography and mixed, Year 2013
  • 1100 PIECES a socially interactive installation, available for corporate and municipal events
  • ENTERTAIN a performance and installation, medium: large scale photographic mural and mixed media, recently exhibited at RedLine Denver May 2013 and at Edge Gallery with 1100 PIECES July 2013
  • Site specific installation. Title: POTATO OGHAMS, medium: potatoes, wire, dirt grass and steel, Location: Ballyvaughn, Ireland
  • Title: ENTROPY medium: Cast Iron and mixed media, year 2012
  • Title: YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE, medium: cast bronze and mixed media, year 2012
  • THE COLORS WE LOVE medium: LED, Aluminum and Plexiglas, year 2013
  • From the solo show: A WOMAN'S WORK IS NEVER DONE in the collection of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities, University of Colorado Medical Campus, Aurora, CO title: Nipple Quilt, medium: welded steel, cast bronze, cast iron and cast tin
  • Title: Trivial Expectations, from the solo show A WOMAN'S WORK IS NEVER DONE medium: cast bronze, nylon, fiberfill and found objects materials

Laura is a sculptor and installation artist. As a photographer she incorporates her own images into her three-dimensional work while also showing her images in traditional two – dimensional studio photography format. Laura has a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Colorado Denver and is known in the Denver area for her recent solo exhibitions: A WOMAN’S WORK IS NEVER DONE at Edge Gallery in July 2012 where traditional roles of women are revisited from a contemporary perspective; A SPACE IN TIME at the Lakewood Civic Center on exhibit thru August 2013, in which the urban is contrasted with the rural opening a dialogue about the disappearance of open space. She was recently awarded a research grant to partially fund her large interactive installation 1100 PIECES where viewers are invited to create the work experience art making for themselves and interact with each other and the artist. The project 1100 PIECES premiered with her 2013 installation ENTERTAIN from RedLine Denver (May 2013) at Edge Gallery in July of 2013.

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    • Studio: 3240 Larimer St
    • Denver CO 80205
    • 303-641-3472

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