Sandra Hansen

  • Blue Wave 72 X 48 Repurposed polyethylene, acrylic
  • Gyre 48 X 96" Repurposed Polyethylene, acrylic, fabric on canvas
  • Wave 96 X 106" Repurposed polyethylene
  • Wave 2 Repurposed Polyethylene, latex
  • Joi de Vivre 48 X 36" Oil on Masonite
  • Sunrise River 80 X 34" Handmade Japanese Gampi, iris pulp, ink, marker
  • Blue Mist River 80 X 34 " Handmade Japanese Gampi paper and ink

Sandra Hansen is an international artist, adventurer, world traveler and founder of Artists’ Cultural Exchange. Hansen’s art embraces the beauty of water while making commentary on our treatment of the earth. Her giant plastic bag paintings find new life for discarded polyethylene bags that she finds on her walks or are donated to her. Wanting to create a waste free art practice Hansen took up paper making. She creates large sheets of paper which are embedded with used plastics, strings, inks and paint. While not yet fully waste free, she has improved upon her process to reuse and clean the water she uses, practices better disposal of materials and uses natural materials whenever possible. Sandra prefers to work in large format to bring awareness to the horrific problem of plastics in our water.

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    • 227 W 19th St
    • Holland MI 49423
    • (423) 276-0065

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