Vernita Nemec

  • The endless Junkmail Scroll seen at Gallery 128 on the Lower Eastside, NYC

Since the late 70’s I have been creating collage & installations, like “The Endless Junkmail Scroll”, a 200 foot collage shown in its entirety or in segments- a creative solution to too much junkmail – & other artworks from materials that would have otherwise been discarded & aided in destroying our environment. I cannot bear to throw anything away and am engaged in a lifelong commitment to making the valueless priceless.
And now in 2015 & before- plastic is the evil culprit destroying our oceans, sealife and future. So I am creating a body of work I call Plasticism- where will it lead?

In 1994, I founded “Art from Detritus”, group exhibitions of art made from recycled materials shown throughout the country. Past exhibits have been funded by the Kauffman & Puffin Foundations and sponsored by the NRC (National Recycling Coalition). Though artists have been recycling found objects for centuries, it’s now a hot issue identified with environmental conservation. The Detritus shows were among the first! Ed McCormack in Gallery & Studio wrote, “Art from Detritus: Recycling with Imagination is an exhibit at the forefront of aesthetic ecology.”

I am looking for exhibition sites for both my work and for Detritus shows. My projects have been funded by the Jerome Foundation, Kauffman Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, to name just a few.

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