Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger

  • Gagged in Dystopia - Room Installation of Gagged, Corpses of the Every Day and Towards Dystopia - size varies 2015
  • Gagged and Corpses from the Everyday, measured, colour coded and catalogued plastic debris from Lord Howe Island, printed on clear builders plastic 3.6 x 5 meters 2015
  • Gagged - (3 video works 14min looped) performed by Molly Morphew, choreography and directing by Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger with written text by writer Carl Safina 2015
  • Colliding Worlds - 42 laser engraved Petri Dishes, text and microscopic images - size varies 2014
  • Towards Dystopia - Water Installation, film and sound; 1min looping video projection, ceramics - high fired with decals, Perspex Petri dish 1200x200mm, Perspex fish tank 1500x200x150mm, transparent piping, fountain pump, milk crate, beach debris collected from Lord Howe Island, highly salted water and a tea urn. Size varies 2015
  • Vanitas of Utopia - Photographs of beach debris 60x45cm 2015
  • Glimpse Beyond - 4 sand etched glass panels in PNG Rosewood 45x35x25cm 2014
  • Coding the Future - Looking Within, Press molded ceramic, stoneware carved and decals. 60 x 40 x 20cm 2012

Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger completed her MFA at SCA (Sydney College of the Arts) University of Sydney in 2015.
In 2014 Lea completed her second residency in New York at SVA (the School of Visual Arts) NatLab (Nature and Technology laboratory) in Manhattan she holds a Master of Studio Arts and a Diploma of Fine Art. Her recent solo exhibition Colliding Worlds at the Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery, followed her work being shown in an SVA Alumni show at the Flatiron Building in Manhattan and at the NYABF at the MOMA annex PS1, New York.
Her research into evolution and tourist impact on the environments has seen Lea do onsite investigations in The Galapagos Islands 2014 and Lord Howe Islands 2014 & 2015.
Recent papers Lea has delivered include the
2015 AESS (Association of Environmental Sciences and Studies) conference Confronting Frontiers, Borders & Boundaries at the University of California in San Diego CA, There Be Dragons: Human impact on the environmentally sensitive Galapagos and Lord Howe Islands
AMOS (Association of Meterological and Oceanographic Studies) annual conference in Brisbane. Lightning Lecture and Poster presentation Distinction with a Difference: Exploring the Ecospheres of the Galapagos and Lord Howe Islands with controlled Tourism
ANU Affective Habitus, conference From Weed to Tree: and exploration of the dandelion

Charles Darwin
Galapagos Islands
Lord Howe Island

Intents and Strategies
My current work deals with how plastic and it breakdown will effect the living in our biosphere.
By creating installations and video artworks that invoke a connection between us and the environment.

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