Judith Kruger

  • Beauty and the Beach 2, mineral pigments, oxidized copper, archival pigment print on panel, 63" x 42"
  • Beauty and the Beach, mineral pigments, oyster shell, sand, carbon, kozo, archival pigment print on panels, 42" x 106"
  • Inland-Outland 4, 2013, Cyprian umber, white malachite, charcoal, marble powder, washi fiber on panel, 40" x 30"
  • Bamboo Strata, 2010, Charred malachite, sumi, cinnabar, charcoal on Kumohada paper on panel, 45" x 36"
  • Ebb and Flow 4, 2013, mineral pigments, silver leaf, oil pencil, Tengujo paper on kumohada paper on canvas, 22'' x 22''

Although, my work metaphorically addresses Human-Environment connectivity, it is best experienced as its own visual language. Paint made from pulverized organic and inorganic substances embodies a raw, inherent beauty. When juxtaposed, layered and alchemically destroyed, it shifts its context to an ambiguous state: an open signifier for a precious and fragile environment.

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    • 21 Seherr Thoss Drive
    • Litchfield CT 06759
    • 847-477-2323

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