Hagit Cohen

  • Acid Rain - 4 Red Flowers
  • Acid Rain - Morning Glory
  • Acid Rain - 3 Orange Bulbs
  • Acid Rain - Steep Ravine
  • Acid Rain - Rust
  • Acid Rain - Rose Petals
  • Acid Rain - Dark Moss
  • Acid Rain - Lupin
  • Acid Rain - Chrysanthemum

Hagit Cohen is a mixed media artist who works primarily with digital image manipulation.
Hagit holds a BFA in Photography and Art History from State Art Teacher Training College in Israel, and MFA in Imaging Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
In her current work Hagit explores the subject of nature and the environment, incorporating elements of ritual while taking her pictures. More recently, she has focused on the element of water through which she draws attention and awareness to nature’s fragile balance in the face of human intervention.

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    • 829 Mendocino Ave
    • Berkeley CA 94707
    • 510 528-0066

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