Charla Elizabeth

  • 72x72x72 Steel wire, Glass 2014
  • 36x36 Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2011
  • 48x48 Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2012
  • 48x48 Oil 2010
  • 22x44 Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2011
  • 54x54 Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 1997
  • 52x52 Acrylic paint, Oil paint, Oil pastels 2007

When I am in the woods, or at the water’s edge, away from the crowds and enveloped by nature, I feel connected to my “naturalness.” I feel quiet like a tree. I feel like the air, as the wind blows through me, revealing my soul.

Charla Elizabeth is an environmental artist who honors Nature and its feminine essence. Her goal is to make art that reveals our connection with Nature. The heart of her message is We are One.


Motivated by Nature’s inherent balance, Charla’s sculpture is about balancing opposing forces. She creates forms that lean in one direction and then lean back in the opposite direction into balance, or forms that pull away with equal force from a center — left to right, down to up, straight to round, heavy to light, something to nothing — into balance.

Her work explores complements and the dynamic rest that occurs when opposites work together.


Charla uses the “frottage” technique –- composing images by rubbing a surface and transferring its imprint. She goes into the wilderness to begin her paintings. She selects a rock, tree, or other natural object for its interesting or complex texture. Working outdoors, she wraps canvas around the object and rubs its surface, applying and removing paint repeatedly, sometimes over days and weeks. She then completes the painting in her studio, using oil paint and oil pastels.

Charla graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Art, and subsequently earned an M.Sc. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. She is the recipient of two Pollock-Krasner grants for her sculpture, and has exhibited in solo exhibitions at the June Kelly Gallery, New York, NY and the Central Park Arsenal Gallery, New York, NY. Her juried competitions, include the National Academy of Design, New York, NY, the Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, IL, and Barrett House Galleries in Poughkeepsie, NY where she won a first place award for her painting, Beech. Most recently, Charla exhibited both her sculptures and paintings in the show “Shared Thread” at the California African American Museum.

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    • 923 N. Buena Vista Street
    • Burbank CA 91505

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