Michele Guieu

  • "What A Wonderful Creek" a video project with Willow Creek Academy and the Sausalito Festival Art Foundation
  • "G R A N T E D" video 1:30 2012
  • "I Remember" a series of 9 videos of less than a minute for the Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium, May 2013
  • "Water System" Video 4:50 2012 Water System is about two boys explaining and demonstrating the water system they created for their small shack during the summer 2012.
  • "You bear the scar at the base of your spine, where lies the shadow of the moon" Video Projection on a large wall. Created for SubZERO festival, San Jose 2012. Collaborative piece with poet Tiffany Higgins (texts).
  • Death Valley National Park Ongoing photo project 2012
  • "Behind the Glass" video 6:30 "Behind The Glass" is inspired by March 2011 events in Japan: the nuclear accident after the earthquake and tsunami.
  • "Defragmentation: Rearranging Bits and Pieces of Memory" Installation (paintings and video), Project X Gallery, Solana Beach, CA, 2010.
  • "Lucy, Darwin and Me" installation (video, photos, drawings, mural, decals, objects). View of the exhibition from the outside of the gallery Art Produce Gallery, San Diego, CA
  • "Artifacts" video 12:00 part of the exhibition "Lucy, Darwin and Me", Art Produce Gallery, San Diego, 2010.

My work as an artist is in constant flux. I am inspired to create and collaborate in socially and environmentally relevant ways. From large-scale installations to teaching art to kids, my art is informed by my roles as a mother, a traveler—and as both an immigrant and emigrant.
I am also profoundly influenced by my parent’s scientific background (my mother was a biologist and my father was a geologist). Fueled by these interests and influences, I create using a variety of mediums: as videographer, installation artist, painter, and photographer.
From my early years in France (Marseille and Paris) and Senegal, Africa, to the expansive vistas of the desert southwest and my adopted state of California—the built and natural worlds figure prominently in my multi-media installations. My passion for the environment keeps me deeply connected to nature and a sense of place.
My art has evolved from that which is viewed passively, to interactive work that stands at the intersection of community engagement and social change. Through my art, I invite audience participation and co-artist collaboration to explore commercialism and mainstream media as it contrasts with the natural world and my imagined world.
For me, art is less about beauty and more about making meaning that’s socially relevant. My work with the Billboard Art Project, which asks people to think differently when they encounter one of my images on an LED billboard, or my video Granted (a Vimeo staff pick), which is about global issues of sustainability and clean water, both reflect my twin aims of social engagement and participatory art.
Through my daily notes—photos and video footage that I take each day, I learn more about, and reflect back, the world that I see around me and I invite you in to do the same.

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